Professional Reptile Services

General Health Inspections

If at anytime your pet reptile's health is in question, or you don't feel confident that you were given the right information from another store, feel free to bring him/her into any one of our locations and we will provide you with a FREE General Health Inspection.


UVB Bulb Testing

Over time, the production of UVB in all bulbs slowly diminishes. In order to keep your pet reptile healthy, these bulbs need to be replaced every 9-12 months. Do not make the mistake of guessing if your UVB bulb is still working properly. Bring them in to any one of our locations for a FREE Test, anytime. We'll show you exactly how well your bulb is performing and at what distance it's effective range is.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a regular compact bulb (screw-in type), the bulb is all you need to bring in. If you have linear bulb (long tube-like), please bring your hood in as well.


Gender Determination

Any reptile you buy at The Serpentarium will be accurately sexed upon purchase (if possible). However, many stores aren't skilled at determining the gender of reptiles (and sometimes just guess). While some species you can't determine until they're a couple months old, many you can tell as soon as they're born. If you'd like to confirm the gender of your pet reptile, feel free to bring him/her into any one of our locations for a professional evaluation. We also do Tarantulas!


Shedding Assistance / Eye Cap Removal

If your snake is not shedding in one solid piece, and instead having various pieces stuck to its body, you have an incorrect environment issue. We suggest you bring your pet snake in for a FREE General Health Inspection where we'll go over your entire setup while we remedy the issue.


Feeding Assistance

It is important to understand that all reptiles are cold-blooded and therefore require an external heat source in order to thermoregulate their body temperatures. Thermoregulation is important for reptiles for many reasons, mainly to digest food and carry out basic metabolic and bodily functions. If your pet reptile has stopped eating, it may be something as simple as the temperatures in their enclosure being too low. Be sure you're not guessing and use an adequate thermometer, and make sure you're 100% certain what temps (basking spot and ambient) your particular species requires to thrive, during the day and at night. If temps are not the issue, it may be another environmental factor, or a sign of illness. Nonetheless, feel free to bring him/her in to any one of our locations for a professional evaluation. Assisted Feeding is a last resort, as it causes undue stress, but if all else fails our professional services are at your disposal.


Nail Trimming

In the wild, reptiles' nails are naturally kept filed down from all the running around and climbing they do. However, in captivity some species will need your assistance. If you regularly handle your lizard and want to avoid being scratched, it's a good idea to get his/her nails clipped on a regular basis. Box Turtles are a species you'll have to keep an eye on as their nails tend to curl under and cause issues when they grow too long.


Beak Filing

Some Turtle species (namely Box Turtles) often develop overgrown beaks, which greatly impairs feeding. It's best to keep an eye on beak growth and have it professionally filed down when needed. We'll also be able recommend some remedies to avoid future beak overgrowth.


Reptile Boarding

Nobody wants to worry about their pets safety when they're away. Depending on the size of your pet reptile and how long you'll be away, our trained staff is available to look over him/her at either one of our locations.


Reptile Shipping

Moving out of state and need your loved one shipped somewhere safely (and legally)? Perhaps you sold an animal and then found out that you need to be approved to ship live animals. No problem! We take the hassle and worry out of getting your animal where it needs to go safely (and legally). Our simple fee includes a properly insulated box, packing material, heat and or cold packs (when needed) and the experience of shipping live reptiles for over 20 years. Simply bring him/her in and we'll do the rest! We'll also email you a tracking number so that you can track your pet along the way.