• Lugarti’s Buddha Nut Pods are wild collected in Thailand. They add a great, natural appeal for terrariums, make perfect shelters for Dart Frogs, and provide bioactive properties for millipedes, isopods and springtails. They’re also great in aquariums for shrimp, lobsters and fish! Size: 3" - 5"

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  • These are the second most popular heat packs for shipping live reptiles during colder months. When used properly, heat packs ensure your animals make it to their destination safely. Best for three - four day, ground shipping

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  • Featuring Chicken and Insects as a source of protein. With Figs, Dates, and Banana as fruit sources. Fig Frenzy is using chicken broth as its main source of protein, complimented by egg, and black soldier fly larvae. It has a unique and different flavor profile to all existing commercial diets. It seems particularly favored by Leachianus geckos.Spring...

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  • This premium diet feeds AND hydrates insects, eliminating the need for dry feed and standing water. Its nutrient rich formula is fortified with Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins, and Carotenoids in order to maximize the nutritional value of Insects as feeders. Size: 70.4 oz