America's Most Trusted Reptile Experts.™


Knowledge & Expertise

We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff! You won't find birds, fish, or hamsters at our stores. Although we absolutely love ALL animals, our primary focus is on reptiles, which allows us to provide you the BEST Reptile Advice around! With decades of experience, we are Your TRUE Reptile Specialists™.


Customer Service & Integrity

Our friendly and professional staff always have you and your pet's best interest in mind. We have NO sales quotas and NO commission is ever made on any sale. Which means, we will never recommend something to you that you do not need. Our goal is to make sure that you and your pet both have a long-lasting and positive experience.


Professional Services

We offer many Professional Reptile Services: General Health Inspections, UVB Light Testing, Gender Determination (Snakes, Lizards & Tarantulas), Lizard Nail Clipping, Turtle Beak Trimming, Shedding Assistance, Feeding Assistance, Animal Boarding, Snake Mite Treatment, Egg Incubation and more!


Selection & Prices

We have the Largest Selection of Reptile Supplies at the Lowest Possible Prices. We don't just carry the major brands, we also have the hard-to-find specialty products that are usually found online only. We're the store that all other stores have to price match!


Captive Bred Reptiles

While most pet stores offer wild caught animals, we take great pride in only offering animals that have been bred in captivity, many of which we produce ourselves. We also support local, small-scale, responsible breeders.


Healthy Feeders

We don't sell prepackaged crickets or worms. We gather your feeders FRESH when you order them and always give a generous over count. This guarantees that you're not only paying for 100% Healthy insects, but also not paying for dead ones. We breed our own mice and rats, so you can feel confident in knowing that you're always getting completely healthy rodents.


Special Orders

Nobody can offer every single product or animal under one roof. Which is why we Special Order items for our customers quite often. The best part about that is it saves you from having to pay for shipping! If it's an animal, you can be assured that we only deal with reputable breeders here in the US and we guarantee everything we offer.



We offer Exclusive Discounts to our Members; from every day savings on Feeders, Supplies and Services, to Special Pricing and Promotions on Animals.



Got a lot of mouths to feed? We offer Feeders in Bulk at better prices than the internet! If you have a business license, we offer Wholesale pricing on products as well.



Short on cash? We offer simple, interest free Financial Assistance to anyone wanting an easy way to pay for a setup of their dreams.


Feeder Cards

In addition to having the Largest Selection of Feeders around at the Best Prices, we offer even MORE ways to save! Our pre-paid Feeder Cards not only offer you Unbeatable Savings, they also provide you with the convenience of not having to worry about carrying cash or credit when picking up food for your pet. Don't want to wait in line for your feeders? Feeder Card customers don't have to stand in line as anyone can mark your card and off you go!


Pet Protection Plan

We provide added assurance that extends our animal guarantee far beyond any others, covering your animal up to 1 Full Year!