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Review By Michael Fontenot
Received a hypo falsie from them about 3 weeks ago ...

Review By Robert Conover
First time ordering here. Purchased Solo Deli cups ...

Review By Tina
I got a crested gecko last weekend from the Rosevi ...

Review By Randy G
AWESOME. You out did yourself on this order. Thi ...

Review By Rachael
I purchased a baby Columbian Red Tail Boa about tw ...


The Serpentarium is a privately owned 3,000 square foot, 2-story Museum with two additional Reptile Super Stores located in Elk Grove and Roseville, California.

Our "Living Reptile Museum" headquarters has long been considered Lodi, California's "Best Kept Secret," offering the LARGEST display of reptiles in Northern California! Exhibits include spectacular animals such as False Water Cobras, Burmese Pythons, Rainbow Boas, Anacondas, Monitor Lizards, Tortoises, Geckos, Frogs, Tarantulas and so much more!

General Admission is only $5/person ($3 for children) with various low cost Experiences available to enhance your visit. Experiences include being able to feed "Splash," a 6-foot Water Monitor who jumps into his pond after meals, or hold and take photos with "Crazy Legs," an 12 foot Albino Burmese Python, or watch "Crayola," a colorful Panther Chameleon, snatch up a mealworm with a tongue twice as long as his body, then watch his colors change as he crawls up your arm! If you're really daring, you can also try the Invertebrate Experience, where you'll get to hold a live Tarantula, Scorpion AND Hissing Cockroach! Free experiences are also available, which include handling a Bearded Dragon, Corn Snake, Ball Python, Leopard Gecko and petting giant Tortoises!

Guided Tours, School Field Trips, Birthday Parties and Experiences are available any day of the week.

If you want to take something home, your admission cost can be used towards any animal, product or feeder purchase. With over 50 different species of snakes, various lizards, geckos and turtles, many being captive bred onsite, you're bound to fall in love with something! In addition to reptiles, The Serpentarium offers one of the largest selections of invertebrates around; from Tarantulas and Scorpions, to Roaches and more!

You will also find a full line of Reptile Supplies and Feeders for your pets; Mice, Rats, Crickets, Mealworms, etc. If you have any questions during your visit, a friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to assist you.

We look forward to your visit!



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